Corporate Culture Talent Cultivation
talent cultivation
People & Talent: Kingdom aims to foster a highly skilled team that grows together with the company

Kingdom is always looking for people with passion and skills. In our selection on talent, we focus on achieving the perfect match between people and positions. We believe that employees’ productivity, wellbeing and potential will be maximized, so that our enterprise and people will grow together.

Teamwork: Trusting, Understanding and Sharing

At Kingdom, we promote employee loyalty. United as one, people at Kingdom are encouraged to cooperate with each other, contribute to their teams, and overcome obstacles and challenges together. In a fierce and competitive market, we must go above and beyond to accomplish Kingdom’s corporate goals as well as to realize our personal life values.

Talent-Cultivation: To support talent growth and to establish a learning enterprise

Kingdom offers a variety of employee learning and training programs that help our employees to systematically learn and improve comprehensively. Also, immersed in the learning environment at Kingdom, our employees can take the initiative to advance your career in a targeted way and explore your passions.